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Ascii Office Tour

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2010/04/07 05:19 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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More from the offices of Weekly Ascii - the post popular computing and technology trend weekly magazine in Japan. This is top guy Fukuoka-san who you have already seen a few times on DC.

I love that Mac with the round base - what was it called? ^^;

I thought there would have been more people working on the weekly journal but this is it. Love the stacks of stuff just piling up! I prefer partitioned offices though. How about you - is yours partitioned or open office?

Clip below of my visit to their offices. When I'm strapped for time I head out on roller blades - really does saves a ton of time ^^;

Mentioned it before but I will be writing for the iPhone monthly Tokyo Kawaii Magazine app which is run by Ascii. A few of the Ascii staff have daughters. One of them was making a custom Mio head and then gave up on this when she was suddenly announced at the last Dollpa.

I think he said this was supposed to be Hatsune Miku ^^;

Ascii does a lot of work with Konami and there was a lot of eyes-only Love Plus stuff material. Wow. The Japanese population is doomed after the release of Love Plus Plus.

Some action from Love Plus 1 below. How many of you gave it whirl?

How was your Love Plus experience?

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Tamaki with removable white thingy. Something to fiddle with on the train to work.

A load of Macross Ichiban Kuji.

This is Nakamura-sans desk with a partial partition made up of Nendoroid boxes.

Publishing is certainly a fun business!

Probably a good time to mention that Otacool 3 will be "Worldwide Desks." Most will be submitted to by folks around the world and then there will be desks of popular illustrators and probably some anime seiyuu too. Any requests?
Prepare your desks as the first submissions will be used for the cover. Will let you know when entries start. Also wanted to see you or your comrades cool desks at work too.

Nakamura-san is part of the 501st in Japan. He be making a life size R2 unit at home ^^

A load of kits that have been piling up.

Ascii Media Works own Dengeki too.

This is my manager for Tokyo Kawaii Magazine - Yukina-san.

Schedule is tough and I barely get time to sit down to think but its times when I'm giggling during work that I remember how fun it is and that the tough work is always worth it ^^;

Yui! I'm taking you home!

Cant remember if I posted this before but this is Weekly Ascii. Looks like I will be writing for this too ^^;

More opportunities for you to get involved in with the anime and publishing world when I get back from Europe. Stay tuned.


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