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Isshoni Working

Thu 2010/04/01 02:20 JST

You've trained and slept with Hinako and now shes back as Mirai-chan in a collaboration title between Primastea and Mirai Fusion - introducing "Isshoni Working (Working with Mirai Suenaga)."


"Isshoni Working" has just been announced on the official page for Isshoni Sleeping.
The concept of the "Isshoni" series is pretty simple - you get a lovely looking 2D girl to accompany you doing stuff. Before it was "training", recently it was "sleeping" and now its "working."

In "Isshoni Working (Working with Mirai Suenaga)" you get to turn your mundane boring work cubicle into a fun n bouncy bright n bubbling work place. All you do is simply set the DVD and choose what order you want the chapters to play in.

The chapters are as follows.
1. Making Invoices
2. Making Keynotes
3. Making banner ads
4. Uploading photos to Tsubuyaku.fm
5. Making Japanese green tea
6. Going to the convenience store to buy some snacks
7. Shoulder massage
8. Goes to toilet

So for example you could play in order like...
Make invoice > Go toilet > Make banner ads > Goes toilet > Upload photos to Tsubuyaku.fm and so on...

The following clip is from chapter 1 "Making Invoices."

And the following is a clip from chapter 4 "Uploading photos to Tsubuyaku.fm"

Some more from the DVD - chapter 2 below "Making Keynote."

If you play the chapters in a certain order, you reveal the secret chapter - here is a clip from it called "Looking at Yuri sites."

These 8 chapters allow you to create 16,777,216 permutations of Mirai-chan doing different work activities every day - just like real life!
Never ever again shall you be bored or ronery at work - ideal for freelancers who work alone at home!


"Isshoni Working (Working with Mirai Suenaga)" will be distributed for free on the Internets soon at 640px x 385px but to enjoy the ability to create the 16,777,216 different scenarios of Mirai-chan working then you need to buy the DVD or Blu-ray. Also, the "Looking at Yuri sites" chapter will only be included on the DVD and Blu-ray version.

We is being getting rather busy what with our other title Chinka!

Tokyo · CEO Mirai Inc

Director for Culture Japan. Creator of Mirai Suenaga. Member of the Japanese governments METI CIIC.


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