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Sasara Kusugawa

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2010/03/29 23:53 JST In Dollfie
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Introducing my 5th+1 daughter Sasara-chan. Although shes only on (permanent) loan from User66b, I'll treat her as if she was really my daughter. I've also made an agreement with User66b so that he can talk to Sasara every weekend over Skype.

So far shes only had an eye and hair transplant. Hair is rather messy ^^;
She's waiting for a bust transplant.

Sasara is a gorgeous girl. Very quiet and has not really talked to the other girls so far.

Sorry for the lack of poses - will take more photos when I get back from France/UK late April.
Speaking of France, planning to have a meeting in France on the night of the 7th. Place is TBA and date is tentative but will update you soon.

As for UK, very likely to be giving a talk at London University SOAS at the Brunei hall from 18:00. Will update you after I get confirmation. All readers are invited to join. I'm not sure if I can bring any of my daughters because I'm also bringing my armor to France/UK.

Keep an eye on my Twitter or Facebook for more updates.


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