As reported in a load of net and TV media, Tokyo Metropolitan government wants to introduce a new legislation that puts restrictions on the portrayal of youngsters under the age of 18 doing anything that resembles hanky panky. The new regulation applies to fictional characters in games, manga or anime who remotely resemble under the age of 18.
As you can imagine, folks in the anime and manga industry are not pleased. Popular artists like Machiko Satonaka and Tetsuya Chiba expressed their concerns that the new regulation restricts the freedom of expression.

If passed, this legislation would mean that we could see less and less young looking characters in manga or anime who could be seen as doing something suggestive just by their clothes or actions. I spoke to a few in the industry who are very concerned about this and how it could even cover things like figures.
Kodomo no jikan would certainly affected too and Rin-chan would not be looking so happy.

This site has been set up to aggregate information regarding this issue - they cover a call that was made to the Tokyo Metropolitan government asking a few questions which included an answer implying that there could be further regulations placed on the depiction of underage person falling in love.

A petition has been set up and digital signatures being collected at
They need 100,000 signatures and are currently at 50,000. I've already signed and you can go and participate too. The petition will presented to the various political parties. The decision whether to implement this regulation will be made this Friday on the 19th...

In some cases restrictions are needed but blanket restrictions like this cant be good for what is a big part of Japanese culture - anime and manga. There are much more serious problems in society that need attending to and not sure why so much time, money and attention is being focused on this right now.

I hear its not only in Japan too but in countries like the US and Canada where some folks went to jail just for possessing manga? Somebody I knew got questioned as to why he was carrying figures in his carry-on at the airport. And whats all this about getting arrested just from replying to somebody on Twitter who is underage?

What do you make of this proposed legislation and are there similar laws in your kingdom? contains links at the bottom with more coverage of this issue.