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Singapore Meetup

Sun 2010/11/14 06:53 JST

Update - we got 140 signups for the meetup tomorrow (Monday 15th) at Lau Pa Sat from 5pm.

Met a really nice chap while filming last year in Singapore at Lau Pa Sat. He told me something very odd and I wasn't too sure what he was talking about until recently. He said:-

This time next year you will hold an event called Singapore CGM Night here in Lau Pa Sat.
Many comrades will come to the event and you must make sure that they go home with new like minded comrades.
New comrades are easy to make when one starts to share their passion which enriches our lives and brings happiness and bodaciousness all round.
None of the above rhymes but that does not matter.


I'll be in Singapore next week to speak at the Cool Japan Forum (12th November) which focuses on the Japanese governments Cool Japan Movement to further disseminate and monetize from Japanese Culture around the world.

There will be top profile speakers such as Tetsuya Watanabe (Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), Yasushi Akimoto (creator of AKB48), Fumitaro Ohama (Tokyo Girls Collection), Go Nakanishi (King Record) and Kotaro Sugiyama (Dentsu). AKB48 will also be performing at the end of the day > details n tickets.

I'll also be the MC for a few of the stage segments at AFAX (13th, 14th November). I'm also bringing along Good Smile Company and Nitroplus.


Following on from what the nice chap said, I'll like to have a meetup (Singapore CGM Night) on the 15th of November (Monday) from about 5PM at Lau Pa Sat where all these photos were taken at.
You don't need to come precisely at 5 but feel free to drop by after work or school. I'll probably be there until 10PM or so-ish.
If you can make it then fill in this painless form just so that I can get an idea of numbers and contact you directly if there should be any changes.

Saber should be with me so bring your daughters or figures to play with. Does not cost anything to join in on the shenanigans but folks who want to om nom nom should pay for their own grub (sorry ToT)
If any of my industry comrades or guests are still in Singapore, I'll ask em to come over too for you to network with. I do recommend you bring a name card to exchange with new comrades. If you don't have anything then that's fine as the most important thing to bring is yourself.

Registration form: http://ow.ly/35E90
Address: Robinson Road, Corner of Boon Tat Street, SG 048582


Every time I go to Lau Pa Sat there always seems to be a load of space so guessing we should be OK ^^;
Some of the previous meetups we've done around the globe listed below.


See you soon! Will be arriving in Singapore on the NH111 at 17:20 on the 11th and flying over with some of the other performers.

Tokyo · CEO Mirai Inc

Director for Culture Japan. Creator of Mirai Suenaga. Member of the Japanese governments METI CIIC.


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