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Speed Grapher

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2005/11/11 15:17 JST In Anime
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#v#flv_speed.jpg#v#Speed Grapher's first run on TV Asahi has just finished and I must say that its one of the coolest pieces of anime I have seen (I end up saying that about all the anime I review though).
Speed grapher is another cool product released by Gonzo and is packed with politics, underworld, strange beings, cult gatherings sprinkled with action, suspense and great music. The first 3 episodes in particular had me on the edge of my seat - each of those episodes ending with a "keep the-viewers-in-suspense-for-another-week" type ending.

Saiga used to be a war photographer and now works freelance for Hibari Ginza who leads a special division for Shinjuku's police section.
Hibari asks Saiga to check out some strange happenings in some sort of cult gathering where he meets Kagura. Its not an ordinary meeting as Kagura is in some sort of trance about to perform some sort of ritual. Saiga ends up having some of that ritual with Kagura and he ends up with his inner desires being endowed on him in the form of a useful power - making people and things explode when he snaps them with a camera. Without realizing it, Saiga's hidden desire was to "kill people with his camera" as he snapped people being killed during the war time and time again.

While I didnt notice any rating for Speed Grapher it does contain lots of blood, and occasional flashing of boobs - definitely not recommended for those who dislike seeing boobs...
Speed Grapher is set in Tokyo and the backdrops n music are extremely atmospheric and is the perfect anime for those late nights - turn down the lights, grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy.

Just a quick question - do you prefer links going to other sites opening in this window or a new window? I personally prefer it opening in a new window/tab myself...

Kagura Tenouzu is the girl who has the power to fulfill ones inner desires - whatever it be.
After meeting Kagura, freelance photographer Tatsumi Saiga is now extremely deadly with a camera.


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