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Japanese Food

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2010/03/04 15:30 JST In Japanese Culture
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Warning - reading this photo article on an empty stomach may cause some damage ^^;
Been stashing away some of the food photos for this post. Does contain a couple of photos that you may have seen before though.

This man is about to buy a food ticket for some ramen. But eating at this place is not so simple...

First you need to how thin, fat, hard, soft you want yer noodles and how oily you want your soup and whether you want a strong or thin taste. Some of these items have 5 different levels which you need to circle and hand over before you are served.

Tasted surprisingly good though!

The title of this post should probably be "Food to be found in Japan" as not all of it is strictly Japanese. Does give you a good indication of what sort of food you may eat if you lived here though.
The video I threw together below contains a years worth of food ^^;

When still living back in the UK, the only chance I would get to eat Japanese food was when I went to China Town in London or the Asian shopping center in North London.
What is the Japanese food selection like in your neck of the woods and how often do you eat it? Where do folks usually go to get some of that grub?

Decent selection of Japanese food in your neck of the woods?

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How often do you eat Japanese food?

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My most fave dishes are Sushi, Tenpura (deep fried prawns n veg in batter) and Katsu (deep fried mince meat or fillet in bread crumbs). Whats your fave dish from the land of the rising sun?

Going to leave you eating while I go to work a bit on something my anime studio is producing ^^;


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