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Mirai-chan Curry

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2010/02/10 14:05 JST In Mascot
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Following on from the Good Smile Curry, we now have Mirai-chan Curry!
In collaboration with the Max Factory run Indian restaurant Indotei, we are bringing this succulent, juicy, punipuni and sweet curry dish initially to folks who attend Tokyo CGM Night.

Wanted to develop a dish that was easy to manage in terms of catering so we decided to go for a bowl dish.
We needed some orange as part of the main dish colors. The taste is slightly sweet with some punipuni cheese topping. Mirai-chan curry is served with some orange colored lassi too.
The cost of the meal is included with the Tokyo CGM Night admission.

Am also in talks with the boss at Indotei to maybe bring this to the AFA in Singapore this year ^o^

Thanks to Chun for the quick artwork for the curry.


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