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CJ Night Tokyo 6

Mon 2010/02/08 13:10 JST

CJ Night Tokyo- an event that Andrew Shuttleworth and I have been hosting in Tokyo to bring together smart and interesting people who engage others online through the creation of content. We also bring in the best from the industry to network with the media generators which results in new friendship and business opportunities.


The CG Night Tokyo invite list includes folks from Disney Japan, Apple, Nike, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rakutemn, Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, Cospa, Bushi Road, Nitro Plus, AmiAmi and more.


Been meaning to write up this post on CJ Night Tokyo 6 which took place last December but didnt get round to it due to lack of time credits.
Am prompted to whip up this post as the next event is this Saturday ^^;


Highlights of CJ Night Tokyo 6 include:-

  • Special guest was KANAME-san
  • Good Smile Company held a Puchi Tokyo Figure Show
  • Held at the HQ of COSPA
  • First time we had such a huge collection of Dollfie daughters
  • Lots of Cosplay
  • The Max Factory curry restaurant Indotei took care of catering

CJ Night Tokyo is an event with international attendees but the main language is Japanese. Over 80% of the attendee list are comprised of Japanese locals who are all active media generators on blogs and other social media.
If all the attendees were to write about a certain subject, that message would be instantly disseminated to millions of people worldwide.


Previous CJ coverage below

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CJ Night Tokyo is an invite only event which enables us to keep a focus on the theme. We decided to run it this way based on the Gotanda Blog Dinner that's also held once a month - that event has been running strong for well over 5 years.


Got a ton of stuff to get through today for clients, arranging the next CJ Night with the British Council and get up more Wonfes coverage.
back in a mo.

Tokyo · CEO Mirai Inc

Director for Culture Japan. Creator of Mirai Suenaga. Member of the Japanese governments METI CIIC.


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