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Wonder Festival 2010 Preview

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2010/02/06 11:10 JST In Figures
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Are you ready for the worlds biggest Garage Kit and Figure convention? Ryomo certainly looks ready. And this years dealer pass is a great color too ^^;

The Wonder Festival takes place tomorrow at the Makuhari Messe. Was traditionally held at Tokyo Big Sight for many years until the Wonfes committee fell out with the owners of Big Sight as nobody wanted to take responsibility for the escalator accident that happened a while ago. Video report below shows exactly what happened.

And this is the floor plan for halls 7 and 8 where the enterprise booths are. Good Smile Company will be where all the girls are gathered.

Folks like Kotobukiya, Alter, Megahouse, Orchid Seed, Revoltech, Alter and Volks will be there showing their stuff and selling a few bits n pieces too.

I will be at the GSC booth from about 9:30 taking pics before the crowds get in meaning that you should be able to see goodies in real time as I upload em using the new Upload by Email functionality ^o^
We have also enabled this feature for Good Smile and they will be posting stuff into the GSCPIC category.

And as for the GSC goodies on sale? Check em out below. Anything you after?

There is one figure that I've always wanted from the Wonfes and its this Erika Sendo by Alphamax - absolutely gorgeous. Shes a kit but I cant paint ToT.

The Wonfes starts from 10am and lasts to only 5pm. Get off at Kaihin Makuhari station. Map below. See you tomorrow!

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Update - photos posted from Makuhari just now by the GSC Team.

All wonfes posts being tagged "wonfes" and live here.



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