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Japanese Illustrators

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2010/02/01 11:15 JST In 2D Girls
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Came out a little while back - the "100 Masters of Bishojo Painting" [絵師100人]. Tis published by BNN Publishing who do a load of graphic illustration books - their Japanese site has more of what they offer.

The book is filled with about 500 pieces from 100 popular illustrators including Noizi Ito and Murata Range.

The 100 Masters of Bishojo Painting is available at J-List for 42 USD.

Had a flick through the book and stopped at a few pages which caught my eye - wanted to post more photos but probably would have got in toraburu ^^;

All text is in English and Japanese which should be great if you are studying the lingo too.

The publication also comes with a service where you can download wallpaper by some of the illustrators by using the password printed in the book.

"Bishojo" [美少女] means "beautiful girl" and this book is packed with them!

Would love to have a poster of this girl in the sunset.

Makes a great coffee table read. Which brings me to a question - are you completely satisfied with jpeg illustrations or do you occasionally pick up illustration magazines or books like this?

Do you buy illustration books or prefer to stick to jpegs?

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Thanks again to J-List for the sample - now available at


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