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Sample Review 2010/01/20

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2010/01/20 16:50 JST In Sample Review
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Have not been consistent with categorizing or naming the sample reviews so set up a new sub category under Figures called Sample Review where we will take a look at the samples that have been arriving at the office of late - and we got a huge pile just in the last week alone ^^;

First up is figma Cute who comes with the Queens Blade PSP game. Whos your fave Queens Blade girl? Mines Airi, Nanael or Tomoe ^^;

Collet is a sweet girl who helps Santa during the holiday season. She's a bit clumsy and keeps falling over where her shimapan would follow suit.
Absolutely gorgeous but ecchi figure. Will post more photos of her in a separate review.
Other reviews of Collect at:-

Packaging is shaped after a Christmas cake box filled with a ton of goodies.

"Please eat as soon as you open"

Roger Roger Yes Maam.

Collet comes with the Native mascot Pichika which is hidden in one of the santa sacks in the box.

Some Good Smile Taco Luca phone straps. Can somebody explain why Luca became a taco?

Some Bandai goodies materialized in the office too ^o^ Some chibi Evangelion figures.
Speakiing of Bandai, they have an event called Tamashii Features taking place on Feb 6-7 at Akihabara. I'll be there on the 6th and then at Wonfes on the 7th.

Miku occupies the space above the window. For folks who have this figure, do you display on the desk using the stand or hang her on the wall?

More Bandai goodies in the form of their articulated line called S.H.Figuarts.
This is Cure Aqua and Cure Lemonade from Fresh Puri Cure which is my fave out of the whole series.

Love the ED with the dancing girls. Anybody here been watching Fresh Puri Cure?

And how about some live action?

Nendoroid Kuro Kagami from Kodomo no Jikan. Which is your fave loli out of the three?

Your fave loli is?

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A book from Kodansha also fell from the sky - The Ultimate Japanese Phrasebook.

The book contains phrases that you are likely to use every day with your boss or teacher like "This is a pretty personal question but..." and "don't let this out OK? (but I have three dolphins)"

Have lately become comrades with the band Vividblaze. This is their new album Landslide 2010-2012 which will be released next week.
I met them through introducing a video on DC from a Youtuber called Mock Moon - he was working with Vividblaze by introducing their music in his videos.
Below is an example of one of Mock Moon's videos - gorgeous music by Vividblaze and entrancing views of Tokyo.

Takashi Okazaki is another comrade who is the creator of Afro Samurai. Afro Samurai was a huge hit outside of Japan and has only recently been localized for the Japanese audience.

Comrades at Parco Publishing have been working with Bob (we call Takashi-san "Bob" ^^;) on the original manga which was recently released in a spanking new publication. Available at Amazon for 2,100 yen.

Lots of slicing n dicing action - the book is printed in black n white which is occasionally splattered with red.

The perfect book for bedtime reading for yer little niece or nephew.

Nendoroid calendar get which nearly got binned because I didn't realize it was at the bottom of one of those paper carrier bags with the flat bottom.

I don't think I'm supposed to mention that there may be a big event to celebrate the 100th Nendoroid. How many Nendoroids do you have in your collection? If you think you got the most then post a photo on

If you indeed have the most and happen to be in Japan at the time of the event, then I'll make sure I'll bring you along ^^;

How many Nendoroids is you being having?

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And to think - Once upon a time I used to think that Nendoroids looked strange.

Hmmm. EOS Canon...

Sakurano Kurimu from Seitokai no Ichizon. Never got round to watching it - recommended watch?

Nendoroid CANAAN.
I have not forgotten about the Nendoroid giveaway - I just need to make time to prepare the next giveaway first which will be soon.

Nendoroid Churuya.

Nendoroid Yui!


Few more Mirai T-shirts samples for comrades.

Max Factory Real Version Yoko.

And something huge from Kotobukiya - the ARTFX X-Wing.

There are six boxes which each contain parts for the X-Wing - you can buy each box for 4,410 yen or the whole set for 25,200 yen.

The box is huge!

Few more pics at Kotobukiya and AmiAmi have a bunch of pics up too.

All parts are snap-fit and already painted n weathered.

Will save it for the new and bigger house slated for a 2012 purchase.

The photos on the box however are tempting me to put it together now ^^;

This post contains goodies which you can find on some of the following trusted online retailers - beware of bootlegs and play it safe by choosing these guys.

Anything in this post tickle your fancy? If you got reviews for any of these products then feel free to share in the comments.


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