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Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2010/01/17 13:00 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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UPDATE! Thanks for all the submissions - I have nearly 50 and beleive we have the folks that we need. Thank you all for your submissions and I will be contacting candidates soon. No more submissions are being accepted.

The Japanese language content that I write is consumed by 15% of all readers. Writing in Japanese means that I can share my content with a larger audience and enables me to connect with many Japanese comrades who were once strangers. Many doors of opportunity have opened including much coverage in Japanese media.

I want to share the Japan experience with more folks around the world who love Japan like I do and will start by localizing content into French.

As is predominantly about Japanese pop culture, I think it makes sense to start with languages where there already exists a large consumption of anime and manga.

After research and talking to some Japanese figure, merchandise and anime producers, France turns out to be a particularly large consumer of Japanese pop culture. One of my clients has hired some French folks as part of their France entry strategy.

BTW, these photos taken in 2003 (?) during my times at Amazon - we would fly to France, Germany and the UK on a quarterly basis to meet up with the other website managers of each locale.
Prefer the long hair but for me it meant that I was balding quicker than I would have preferred ^^;

Anyway, I've always received mails from folks around the world who have wanted to contribute in translating content into Chinese, French, German, Spanish and so on.

I was thinking of doing Traditional Chinese and French at the same time but after looking at internal resources and considering the amount of press I'm getting in France of late, I think it makes sense to concentrate on French for now.

I tweeted out a call for folks who could translate to French but thought it would be more easier to manage through this post.
I'm specifically looking for folks who are interested in Japan and in particular Japanese pop culture. I need folks who understand key subjects like oppai, pantsu, the latest anime shows, figures and wot not.

For your contribution, I will be able to compensate you with things like:-

  • Flow of figures, anime merchandise or money via paypal - once we establish the core team of translators, you and I will work out a reasonable compensation.
  • As you know, my clients include brand names like Good Smile Company, Cospa, Kotobukiya, Japan Times and so on.
  • When I make recommendations to clients, I only can do so when I am sure that whoever I am introducing is the best - or I would look bad and loose the trust of my clients. Through working with you, we will both realize that you are indeed a superstar meaning that you would be introduced to my clients for when they are ready to start their France entrance strategy. A few gaijin readers have already secured jobs in Japan with some of my clients.
  • There will be a contributor page on which will list your name, website and other details that you want on it.

My clients use Mirai Gaia - a multi-lingual platform that enables publishing, e-commerce and CGM. It makes it easy for them to create a presence in any language overnight. Included is a feature which enables registered members to be assigned the status of "translator."

Here I have for demonstration purposes added a few languages.
The post edit page shows a new "Translations" tab where I as the post owner can assign a translation for any of these languages to other translators.

When a translator is logged in, they will see a list of tasks assigned to him/her.

This is the page where the translators do their work. The translator is unable to delete or change the post or any associated images or attributes like the "publish time" and so on as all they need to do is be able to work on translating from the primary language (which is set to English for to their native language.

The translating feature is also available for products too which translators will be using for Good Smile and my other clients when they are ready to launch in other languages.

Once the translator has finished their work, they save their work as "completed" (or "still translating" if they are going for a PG Tips break).
The owner of the post can then review the changes and commit the translators work to the main language branch which then goes live.

Folks who would like to be a part of this exciting project, please have a go at translating the following 3 snippets of English into French and send it in the body of an email to [support at dannychoo dot com] as soon as you can get around to it as I will be replying and assigning as soon as the translations come in.
I don't speak French (yet) so some of my French comrades will be going over your work.

I'm looking for folks who can work with little direction (I'm not a micro manager) and can chat via a video cam and Skype. Need to be native speaker of French but does not matter what country you live in.
The most important thing is that you are required (as mentioned previously) to be passionate about Japanese pop culture (otaku).

Profile example

Danny Choo resides in Tokyo and writes about life in Japan and Japanese pop culture which includes anime, figurines, dolls, cosplay, games and everything else that comes under the genre. is regularly featured in web, print and broadcast media such as CNN, BBC and G4TV.
Danny is regularly invited to speak at conferences around the world on the subject of his specialty which is Japanese pop culture (Otaku) and Consumer Generated Media.

Originally from the UK, Danny has been working in the Japanese Internet since 1999. In his career, Danny served as Computer Engineer at Japan Airlines, Website Manager on the management team at Amazon Japan and as CGM Product Manager at Microsoft for He now currently runs an Internet strategy firm in the heart of Tokyo called Mirai Inc.

Figure release example

Wonfes items that you will be able to get your grubby mitts on next month on the 7th - Mio and Ritsu "Live Stage Set" (8,000 yen), armorless Saber Lily with sweet smile (9,000 yen) and Hirasawa Ui (2,500 yen)
Photos from the GSC Wonfes site. Which do you want the most?

Culture example

This is our Hamaya [破魔矢] for last year. If you take the kanji, it literally means an arrow that destroys demons. Many Japanese place one at home throughout the year to ward off evil spirits and bad fortune.

The reason we have it with us today is because we are going to return it to the shrine and have them burn it for us. Many charms bought from the shine the previous year are usually returned to be burned the next year.
One of the reasons is that these charms have protected us for the past year and its respectful to have it burned.

Look forward to working with you!


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