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Japanese Girls

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2010/01/13 14:15 JST In Tokyo Stormtrooper
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Disclaimer - this post contains boys too ^^; Taken this Monday out n about in Shibuya - thanks to Joseph Tame for taking these photos.

The first bunch of girls are doing something for the site Cute Girls of Town - load up the page (takes a while) and you will see a *ton* of videos of cute Japanese girls. Having a website like that gives you the excuse to talk to (and film) cute Japanese girls it seems ^^;

The girl on the far right in this photo is complete fwoargh! Her name is Kasumi Okamura and you can see more of her in action at Cute:-

And more photos at Ameblo.

More of the Cute crew. Having cute staff probably makes it easy for them to stop other cute passerby girls.


Going to let the rest of the photos do the talking as I need to prepare for a few meetings in the afternoon.

Ah, if you liked this post and want more of the same then there is another Japanese Girls photo article from mid 2008.


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