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Otacool 2 Submissions Open

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2010/01/09 14:30 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Submissions for Otacool 2 are open! Please read on if you are interested in being featured in the book and also if you are interested in being the character designer for the official Otacool mascot!

What is Otacool 2?

Otacool 2 (official site renewed) will be a collaboration with the largest Cosplay site Cure, Kotobukiya and Danny Choo. A ton of marketing yen will be put into this project and is an excellent medium to profile your cosplay work to the world. I can see many doors of opportunity opening for some of the folks who are selected to be in the book.

Remind me what Otacool is

In November 2009, Kotobukiya and I published a book called OTACOOL - Worldwide Otaku Rooms. The book gained a ton of media attention in Japan in particular for its CGM (Consumer Generated Media) approach, where content is created through the Internet in collaboration with numerous readers. More details about the book in the Otacool article.

How do I become part of this bodaciousness?

If you are a cosplayer and want to be in the book, please go to and signup for an account.
Then submit the following using the uploader.

  • Your cosplay photos - Full body, upper body, head shots (2 or more of each)
  • Name (including Nick Name)
  • Age
  • Country of residence
  • Years of cosplay
  • Favorite cosplay character
  • Your website/twitter or facebook link
  • Brief statement

So for example:-

Name: Danny Choo
Age: 102
Country of residence: Japon
Years of cosplay: 50
Favorite cosplay character: Any oppai character
Your website/twitter or facebook link:
Brief statement: Identify and live your passion and the rest will just follow - it always does.

Important stuff!

  • Please tag all your entries "otacool, otacool2, otacoolcosplay" (copy n paste everything between the quotes)
  • If you forget to tag your entry with the above tags then your original photos are *not* saved on the server. We need high res photos (less than 3MB each) for printing so make sure you add those tags when you upload your photos.
  • You *must* add those tags when you upload your photos and not after!
  • Also, we will be looking at entries that are only tagged with "otacool, otacool2, otacoolcosplay"
  • Upload all images in a single post! On your first upload you can only add one photo but after you hit "save" then you will see a thumbnail of your photo with "manage images" - click to add more photos.
  • If its your first time posting, your photos dont appear on the top page until your account has been approved which is usually within 24 hours - sometimes within minutes.
  • No watermarks - we cant use any watermarked images.
  • Must be high res - we cant use any low res images for printing.
  • Submissions are *open now* and you got until mid Feb but we may close submissions earlier if there are a load of entries.
  • There are 24 empty slots on the cover for your face! The quicker you submit your photos, the higher the chance of you being on the cover because we need the final cover for marketing purposes.
  • There will be Otacool events held worldwide. Depending on the area you live in, if you are in the book then you will most likely be invited to the event.
  • Incredible cosplayers are very most likely to live their passion by working with other top brands in Japan on other projects.

Arms and installation is complete - good luck! And if you think this could be a good opportunity for your friends then pass them the link to this page too!

There's Moar

Yes moar! If you are an illustrator and are looking for an opportunity that may be the break you are looking for then you may be interested in coming up with the character design for the Otacool mascot character!
As you may already know, Otacool has turned into a series which means that your character design will likely gain popularity throughout the otakusphere globally - meaning that once your work has been recognized, you should expect more commission work especially from Japanese companies.

Important stuff

  • Go to and signup for an account.
  • Then submit your artwork using the uploader.
  • Please tag your post "otacool, otacool2, otacoolmascot"
  • There is a new "fanart" category - please post into this category.
  • You do not need to upload original files as we do not need it at this moment. If your character design is chosen, Kotobukiya will contact you and work directly with you on the sort of poses that would be needed for the book.
  • Release date of the book is in late March or April. You may need to get accustomed to working with tight schedules but this is nothing new as seasoned illustrators can tell you ^^;
  • Kotobukiya will be paying you directly - the fee to be discussed between you and Kotobukiya.
  • If you have any illustrator friend who you would like to have a great opportunity, please forward this post onto them ^o^
  • You got until mid Feb-ish to submit your work but if somebody posts a "thats the one!" character then we will probably go that that due to the tight deadlines so do try to submit something as soon as you can.
  • Feel free to submit as many variations as you want.

Here are some examples of how you can submit your artwork.

Would like to see details like the back and of any accessories that he or she may be carrying.

The mascot you come up with does not have to be human - but I'm biased for cute 2D girlies ^^;
These sketches were done by Azami sensei before our mascot character Mirai-chan was born. Read more about Mirai-chan in the mascot page.

Another great example of character design by Ayu (moorina) for the manga which I'm sure I'll get round to working on before I die ^^;


Folks who want to pre-order the book now can do so at Jlist and White Rabbit Press.
I will update this post as more retailers start to take pre-orders.

Legal mumbo jumbo by Kotobukiya legal department below.

Please note, by participating you agree and hereby grant Kotobukiya permission to use, copy, modify and make available your submissions to the public for purposes, such as, but not limited to, publication, press and media communications.

Submitted photos, illustrations or information shall become the property of Kotobukiya, and Kotobukiya shall have no obligation to preserve, return or otherwise make available to you or others any photos, illustrations or information so submitted.

And the legal folks also say that you also agree to the following.
I hereby declare that the photograph(es) I have contributed through this
website is nothing but my own portrait based on my free will.

I also declare that the photograph(es) I have contributed through this
website shall have no problem at all that such photograph(es) appears on the
book published by KOTOBUKIYA Co., Ltd Ltd , tentatively named “OTACOOL2”
and such books are distributed world wide, and I and any third party shall
not sue KOTOBUKIYA Co., Ltd and their related parties because of the
photograph(es) I have contributed through this website.


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