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Japanese Postcards

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2010/01/04 14:45 JST In Japanese Culture
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On the 1st of January, a ton of postcards usually arrive called Nengajo [年賀状]. Nengajo are new year greeting cards that most folks in Japan send to each other. If you are receiving one from a friend, it usually has a photo of their family. If you are receiving it from a business client then the design could be anything as you will see from the following photos.

Towards the end of the year, one would see a load of ads on TV for sending or making Nengajo. One has the option of printing them at home or getting folks like Fuji film to make them for you. Lovely retro ad for Nengajo below.

Today we are going to take a look at just some of the Nengajo from companies that I do business or collaboration with.
Good Smile Company have a very unique Nengajo - berry long desu! 1/3 scale Dollfie size ^^;
The reason that I have a few is because different department in GSC send them to me ^^;
Probably should give some up for a giveaway.

Some snaps of the back of the Nengajo from Good Smile.
Big Boss Aki on the left. At the age of 38 he has already managed to change the world.

The project management and production team - you will be familiar with some of these faces if you have been reading for a bit.
Can you at least name the 3 ladies on the left?

Sales team.

The design team. These are the folks who we work with the most. Mikatan with the glasses looking lovely.

The 3D team and general admin ladies.

And here are the guys who sculpt your figures. Oda san middle in black is the one looking after our Mirai-chan figma.

Black Rock Shooter anime due out this Spring.

Which character design do you prefer? BRS or Miku?

You is preferring who?

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And a look at the rest. Cospa.

Dwango (Nico Nico folks).

Max Factory.

The Max Factory run Indian restaurant Indo Tei.

The Klein Dytham one comes with a spoon ^^;

And one from Oguri Shun too!
Its actually from the post office and He's been helping the Japanese postal service to get people to send Nengajo.
With more and more people using the Internets, less people are using post and are sending electronic Nengajo instead.

While many of my clients accept electronic invoices, some of my clients need to process printed invoices - so we print them out > send invoice by snail mail > arrives at client > client retypes invoice details...
Complete waste of time.

And one from comrades at the WWF too ^^;
Hmmm. Wonder what I would be doing with them ^^;

Most Nengajo come with numbers like these printed on them - they are lottery numbers which are printed in the newspapers - if the numbers match, you could win a few million yen. Have not checked yet ^^;

During the end of the year, the post office gives priority in getting the Nengajo out as soon as possible which is why most post boxes are labeled - one for Nengajo and the other for anything else.

Ah, just got this in the post from Taitan-san featuring his most cutesome daughters.

Are new year greeting cards sent as a custom in your kingdom?


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