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Otacool 2

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2009/12/22 18:25 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Kotobukiya have chosen the theme of Otacool 2 and its going to be "Worldwide Cosplayers." I know many of you didn't vote for this category but Kotobukiya are the publishers and after doing a load of market research and considering that the main market for this book is Japan, they've come to the conclusion that there is a demand over here to see your cosplay photo collection.

Otacool 2 will be a collaboration with the largest Cosplay site Cure, Kotobukiya and Danny Choo. A ton of marketing yen will be put into this project and is an excellent medium to profile your cosplay work to the world. I can see many doors of opportunity (work or business wise) opening for some of the folks who are selected to be in the book.

Otacool 2 will be published next April in full color A5 size and cost 1,575 yen.

Just like we done for Otacool, we will be accepting your cosplay photo submissions to be on the cover. I will need 24 cosplayers to grace the cover of the book. Submissions will open at the official Otacool site at in January where I will make another announcement.
If you would like to be on the cover, start thinking about what you will be cosplaying as and have your photos ready in mid January.

Also, we are looking for the talents of an artist to design the official Otacool mascot - submissions will also take place at If you are interested in having your mascot grace the whole Otacool series then get your thinking caps on.

Do share this info with artists or cosplayers in your community as I think this is an excellent opportunity for all involved.


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