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Nikaidou Aya

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2009/12/20 23:00 JST In Figures
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Released by Toranoana last October was this gorgeous figure of eroge heroine Nikaidou Aya from the Akatsuki no Goei series. Sculpt and production was by Kotobukiya and is my most fave Koto figure to date - if she was a strawberry cake I would have eaten her by now.

Aya-chan is 1/8 scale and retails at 6,000 yen exclusively from the Toranoana online store. Their retail stores may have her in stock too.

Aya's outfit is a fusion of maid + hadaka ni apron + pantsu = an interesting combination.

Lovely sculpted eyes which you can see in action in the eroge Akatsuki no Goei - PV for the game below.

Aya-chan's eyes are...

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I have zero complaints about this figure - its that good! The sculpt is well done and paintwork is excellent. Kotobukiya have really done a fine job on this.
I'll leave it to Good Smile to make the Mirai Figma and Kotobukiya to make the scale figure then ^^

Using various cameras for this shoot.

You can also see more pics of Aya over at Moe Imouto - some are NSFW depending on whether your boss shares the same interests as you. Which brings me to a question I've been meaning to ask - do you spend a lot of your time browsing the Internets for completely work-unrelated stuff?

How much of your time do you spend at work browsing work-unrelated stuff?

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The artwork for Aya is done by the most talented artist Tomose Shunsaku.

Aya comes with a base that she just sits on but I prefer to keep my figures base-free if they can stand or sit on their own - unused bases usually get chucked. Do you prefer to keep all your figures with their bases?

Aya is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) product. In this case, Toranoana ordered the production of a few thousand pieces of this figure from Kotobukiya. Koto seem to put more effort into their OEM products than some of their own originals ^^;

Speaking of Kotobukiya, they have decided on the theme of Otacool 2 which will probably be announced next week. Once again, your photo submissions will be held at

Aya-chan is small enough to do the palm thing.

Aya is also small enough to fit in yer pocket.

Aya with me in the lounge.


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