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Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2009/12/14 18:18 JST In Japanese Culture
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By the end of the year Wendy's will be no more as all 71 stores across Japan will close.
The report at AP writes how Wendy's severed the agreement with franchise holder Zensho but the news report below says that Zensho decided not to renew the agreement - interesting how the media can choose to take sides on telling a story.
Zensho saying "We've had enough of the burger business" and Wendy's saying "You guys done a lousy job in japan - we're looking for other partners" are two different stories.

There are not many Burger Kings in Japan but I would probably eat more burgers if there was. The Mc Dee beef burgers taste like the hide on a baboons bottom so I usually have their other burgers like prawn and chicken.

Out of the following, who do the best burgers in your mind?

Who do the best beef burgers out of the following?

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Photo from the previous Wendy's Japan photo article.
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