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Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2009/12/14 14:18 JST In Japanese Culture
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Japan Reference has an ancient poll on "What is/are Japan's greatest contribution to the world ?"
Thought it would be interesting to read each others list. As for my list, in no particular order:-

-Dollfies (Mini daughters - very cute n adorable)
-Anime (What is it about anime that makes it cool? Difficult to express at times ^^;)
-Japanese Games (It was Japanese games that got me into Japanese culture and to study the language)
-Manga (Manga - entertaining and learned a load of Japanese though it)
-2D Girls (Personally love the Japanese style of illustrating 2D girls)
-Figures (Good Smile, Max Factory, Megahouse in particular)
-Sushi (Tastes better with hot Japanese green tea)
-Eroge (Dont play them but the girls are gorgeous)
-Dakimakura (Art tapestries)
-Oppai Mousepads (Health care for the wrists)
-Electronics (In particular the camera's)

There are many more aspects of Japanese culture that I enjoy but just thinking about the stuff that has made its way around the world. What in your mind are Japan's greatest contributions to the world and why?

Photo of Dollfie Nanoha this morning - one of the greatest contributions to mankind in my mind ^^;

And here is that poll at Japan Reference.

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