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Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2009/12/12 21:50 JST In Sample Review
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Been spending the day trying to clean up the house/office - taking longer than usual due to the amount of stuff thats arrived over the past week ^^;

GSC Hachune Miku plushie.

Hachune comes with an inner frame - hair, arms n legs.

Kotobukiya/Gamers Suzuhime - the previous one I had was a production sample - this ones the final product that comes with dakimakura, pencil board, illustration book and a fan.

A load of 2D girlie magazines available from JList.

Found this article interesting - its how to enjoy Love Plus even more by visiting the places that appear in the game.

Love Plus makes it possible for any otaku to go on a romantic date with 3 gorgeous girls.

The incredibly cute set of Vocaloid Nendoroids - Miku and Meiko are my fave.

The boxes have a QR code which takes the user to the mobile version of the Good Smile site.

Some accessories from Good Smile's accessory division Dico Kick.

Need to get on with some other stuff for tonight so will leave you here to gander at the rest of the stuff. Anything here tickle your fancy? If there is anything in particular then I'll have a sponsor prepare some for you in the next giveaway.

Ah, nearly forgot to mention - the COSPA South East Asia site on Mirai Gaia is now taking instock and pre-order items via Paypal. Currently shipping to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.
They are currently doing free shipping on orders over 50 SGD. They also managed to get the license for K-ON too so expect a load of goodies from the Keion-bu!


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