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Mirai Cosplay

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2009/11/26 15:45 JST In Anime Events
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Been online friends with Alodia ( ) for a while now but t'was the first time I met her at the AFA09. She came with her younger sister Ashley ( ) - both of them are gorgeous!
On the first day they dressed up as girls from Witchblade and on the second day they came as Mirai-chan and haruka-chan! Got a prezzie from Alodia too - can you guess what it was? ^^;

Wanted to bring them back to Japan with me ^^; But I have a feeling that they will be in Japan soon...

Photos from Alodia's and Gordonator. If you got pics of Alodia then feel free to share in the comments too!

Ah - just found more pics of alodia at:-

Mu - video link from Mike Abundo of Alodia and I doing the Cospa Junken.

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