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Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2009/11/25 19:30 JST In Anime Events
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Next AFA09 coverage is from the I Love Anisong concert. Unfortunately I couldn't make all of it but did manage to catch bits of both days.

Performing at the concert was Ichiro Muzuki, May'n, Shokotan, Yoshiki Fukuyama and Hatsune Miku. Yoshiki-sans performance brought back a ton of memories of my days learning Japanese - I didn't realize that it was him who done the vocals for Basara in Macross 7 - video below of him and May'n performing Totsugeki Love Heart - the song I always choose when at Karaoke!

Yoshiki-san also performed King Gainer Over which turned the hall into a frenzy - including me! Recording from some other event below.

Not sure if AFA will publish the official videos but if they do then you will be the first to know ^^ Did get hold of the official photos though which you can see at the end of this post.

Also threw in a few shots of me on stage too although it was not part of the I Love Anisong Experience ^^; Didn't get round to rehearsing much and the fact that I've never performed or spoke in front of such a large audience made me rather nervous - hence the more terrible than normal dancing ^^;

What are your fave anisongs? If you are learning Japanese and love anime then consider using anisongs as part of your learning schedule.

Are anime songs (anisong) part of your daily music listening?

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