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AFA Countdown

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2009/11/21 01:30 JST In Anime Events
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All this happened in the past 24 hours. Having an amazing time - All looks like play but its actually hard work ^^; But fun - incredibly fun ^o^
Spoke at the Animation Asia Conference and met folks like the producer of Summer Wars and the Girl Who leapt through time (Mamoru Hosoda) and the CEO of Kadokawa (Haruhi/Lucky Star).

Then there was a press conference for the AFA taking place tomorrow from 10AM at the Suntec Convention Center.
Met Kaname, May'n and Uchiro Mizuki too. Shokotan came late but will probably catch up with her tomorrow.

Got onto CNN again with CNNGo and the Cospa South East Asia site launched on Mirai Gaia.

Also been spending a load of time working on my booth with Good Smile Company.

I need to hit the sack now to get some kip for an early morning for final rehearsals for my bit on stage tomorrow at 15:30. Rehearsals include my bit MC'ing with Reiko for the K-ON! Seiyuu on stage at 13:15.

AFA is going to be incredible where we expect 50,000 attendees. See you tomorrow morning!



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