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Doll Apparel

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2009/11/10 13:38 JST In Dollfie
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Karin kept asking me when I would get photos of her new look up. I told her it would be after I finish putting together the presentation for the Anime Asia Conference, preparations for the next CGM Night at Cospa HQ, and after launching the mobile version of the GSC site.

Karin said she would leave if she had to wait that long so decided it would be wise to get these pics up as soon as I could - cant have a daughter running away from home can we?

Photo color came out odd but Karin insisted that I uploaded these instead of retaking.

The coat is from Dolls i which I got at the previous Dolls Show.

Headphone and music player also from the Doll Show.

Karin also had an operation to enlarge her eyes ^^;


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