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Gurren Lagann

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2009/10/30 21:00 JST In Figures
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Quick photo review of the Alter Yoko Littner figure that came out a little while back.
First saw the prototype of this figure over a year ago at Chara Hobby - looked great in primer alone and looks even better painted.

Alter do great quality figures but some of them look odd and generally have darker colors. Yoko however is astoundingly good.

Nicely scuplted oppai.

Sculpting around the torso looks great too.

Revolver is removable and the barrel turns too. Fits snugly with a little effort up ones nose.

Cute yokogao. Yoko Gao [横顔] means "side of face."

Garments can be removed - if you want to break the figure permanently.

Tush is a bit flat.

Coat in the wind really does look great. I think there is a version of her in a black coat too.

Lovely stand too. The weight of the coat prevents Yoko from standing without the base.

Good news for folks who don't like hair joins - non on Yoko.

Yoko retailed for 8,190 yen back in August.

Sculpt and quality is truly stunning.

My fave figure company is still Good Smile though ;-)

Your fave figure company out of the following are?

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Some of these in the Wallpaper Pool.

And the three Yoko's lined up. The one on the far right is by Kotobukiya (review) and the one on the far left is by Gift (review).
Which do you prefer?

Which Yoko is your fave?

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Thanks to HLJ for the sample.


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