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LCI Broadcast

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2009/10/25 12:55 JST In Japan
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My interview with La Chaîne Info was broadcasted in France and there is a recording up at I'm in the intro and you can skip to about 11:00 to see my bit.
The short program is about tech in Japan.

My French is very rusty but I spoke about how I have many Japanese readers who don't really comment much on DC and rather than create content, many consume and recycle. Take YouTube for example. Most of the content uploaded by Japanese users are stuff from TV and many of the top directors in YouTube Japan are gaijin ^^;

How about you? Are you a consumer or content creator? And if you do create content (blog,videos) then why do you do it and what motivates you?

Which are you more of?

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Made sure that they got a lot of GSC in. Kagamiku kawaii.

Ah, and it looks like I was on the BBC for a few secs the other day again ^^;


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