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Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2009/10/12 12:50 JST In 2D Girls
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A lookie at a few of the most popular 2D girlie mags - Megami Creators, Dengeki Hime and Megami.

First up its a look at Dengeki Hime which mainly covers girls from eroge - needless to say that its full O ecchi.
Dengeki Hime comes with a few posters like this one illustrated by Mitsumomo Mamu - from the eroge Mercuria due out in Jan. Really nice OP for the game below - gorgeous backdrops.

Tropical Kiss has some really gorgeous girlies - PV below.

Somebody's imouto from Imouto Smile.

Mercuria which you saw above.

Mashiro Iro Symphony. Berry cute girls. PV Below.

Dakkoshite Gyu - I think its about dakimakura's coming to life or something? The subtitle for the game is "My bride is a dakimakura."

Next up is Megami which mainly covers the 2D girlies anime - also comes with a load of posters.

Looking forward to the second series of Sekirei. Wish they done some decent Sekirei figures.

Megami magazine also covers a few figures too.

And finally a look at Megami Creators which covers the work of various illustrators. Also includes posters too.

"Mecha x Loli."

Any of you playing Dream Club? How does it compare with Idol Master?

Folks who are interested in giving these mags a while can nab some from Jlist = Megami Creators, Dengeki Hime and Megami.

Which of these tickles your fancy the most?

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