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Japan Typhoon

Wed 2009/10/07 10:47 JST

A huge typhoon has landed on the southern tip of Japan and is making its way up to Tokyo.
According to all the news on the TV and media (like Yomiuri), Typhoon 18 (or Melor as its called in the West) resembles Typhoon 24 that hit Japan in 2004 which left 98 missing or dead. The Kinki region was flooded in under 50cm of water. Programs this morning also asked citizens to stay at home and implement measures against flooding like building barricades around ones entrance and taking a note of where manholes are as sometimes the cover comes off during floods.
Short report of the current typhoon by ANN lame-embedding-disabled http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TmYnX2B-YQ

The program from a year ago shows what would happen if a huge typhoon hit Tokyo and shows Shibuya and other places under water - incredible 3D CG effects and academy award winning acting - especially by the old lady in the train station.

Do you experience any flooding in your neck of the woods. Hmmm, I can only manage to swim 20 meters or so ToT.

Ah, speaking of floods - really want to see 2012. The CG effects are not as good as the previous Tokyo simulation video but acceptable.

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