Earthquakes - have experienced a few in my ten years in Tokyo. During a quake, the first thing I do is usually turn off any music or the TV if its on. Up until now thats all I've done and not absolutely sure what I would do if things start falling.
The usual drill thats taught in Japan is to dive under a table but I remember hearing during my times at Amazon in Seattle that running for cover under a table is actually not a good thing to do - done a Google with not much on the subject - can anybody clarify?

If the house starts to collapse then getting outdoors is probably a good idea - grab wifey and some survival gear like Saber or Nanoha and then make a dash for it.

What would Japanese folks grab in an event of an earthquake? Results from a survey asking this question at Sankei reveal that 27% would grab their mobile, 24% would grab their wallet and 9% would grab their and bank book.

But what about our friends at 2chan?

-Ero mags.
-HDD - its the end for me if I looks my HDD.
-Nintendo DS.
-Cat & dog.
-Bicycle so I can ride back to my parents place.
-False teeth.
-My hidden Tengas.
-My photos - money cant buy those.
-Toilet paper which I can use when waxing my dolphin too.
-My bed - cant sleep without it.
-My metal safe.
-My PS2 memory card - half of my life is on there.
-Safe - and obviously leave my wife behind.
-My dutch wife.
-HDD - life can start all over with it.
-Wife - neighbors wife.

What do you do when there is an earthquake and what would you grab before you make a dash for it?
On a serious note, what earthquake measures have you taken? My data is very important to me and am distributing as much of it in encrypted form on the Internets - don't want to end up like this guy.

As for the photo - a snap at Odaiba of Tokyo - could not bare to see anything bad happen to this city. Original photo in the Wallpaper Pool. Video below from Nihon Chinbotsu (Japan Sinks) which starred Tsuyoshi from Smap.