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Mon 2009/09/07 16:30 JST

At first I thought it would be odd to have non figure posts on figure.fm but after thinking about it again, it makes complete sense.

Most figures originate from anime, games or illustrations from Japan so I think it really does make sense to also post anime, games, cosplay, 2D girls and Japan related posts there.
Also, figures are a major part of otaku-ism so otaku posts should feel comfy there too.
Another example - Kotaku is all about games but they often cover Japan topics too.

Feel free to continue Daily Dolphin, Maid Monday, Idol Eyes, Orangutan Oppai and any other series that you started on DC.

These non-figure posts will still show up on the top page of DC so you should expect the same amount of views as before. I will also continue to hijack stuff from you that I would like to share but unlike last time, you get to keep it in your pool.

The post count code is nearly ready so you will be able to see how many times your posts have been viewed too.

Also, DC and Figure.FM accounts will be merged in the future. And your previous member posts will be restored soon.
Also, if you created an account on DC over 2 months ago, then you should be able to login to figure.fm with the same user/pass.


Please make sure that you post your non-figure stuff in the Non Figure (Other) category tree. If your non-figure post goes in the figure tree then it will be eaten and your uploading privileges will be spanked with a wet dog.

Bad quality pics get unapproved and removed from the top page You will still be able to view it yourself though. Folks who sign up for the first time wont find their posts on the top page until their account is approved which is usually done in a few hours.
A few rules which I should write up properly sometime are as follows. Feel free to add some and I will write everything up in a spanking shiny "Posting Rules" post.

  • Folks with the post-one-photo-see-rest-at-my-blog get to play with themselves only.
  • Folks who post a few pics with a "you may want to/if you are interested then see more at mai burogu" are welcome.
  • Folks who leave links to their burogu and don't really participate in the community by commenting are not really welcome.
  • The is_ecchi tag will be back soon but I guess 2D oppai is OK for now. 3D oppai is a nono.
  • No gen*talia.
  • No China-bashing or bashing of any other race or culture for that matter.
  • No racism, sexism or anything else that makes fun of any person and the way they are or the hobbies they have. While posts like these generally generate more page views, life is too short to go around being horrible to others.
  • This includes calling people gay.

Also, words like pen*s should be replaced by "dolphin" and "brea*sts" should be replaced by "eyes" or "oppai."

These are indeed natural words and most of us either have one or the other (or both) but through my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work previously at Amazon, I have learn't that frequent usage of these keywords is bad for our page rank.

If you have many of these words appearing on your site through either your own posts or perhaps from an RSS feed of another site that you are displaying, you may want to consider replacing these keywords, removing the RSS feed in question or using regular expressions to censor some of the words.

Most of us who blog like to have folks read the stuff that we blab about and having a low page rank means that search engines will index our site less frequently or penalize our rankings - meaning less incremental (new) visitors will be able to discover our site.
If you are linking to an external site who has these keywords frequently appearing, then your page rank will be penalized.

For example, do a search for pen*s or even "adult" in Google. In theory, you should see a *ton* of pr0n sites but you don't - guess why.

The Google page rank for dannychoo.com dropped from 6 to 4 after having multiple member news and puchi blurbs linking to sites with highly racy content so unfortunately I had to but a block on outgoing links to these sites. My page rank has now recovered to 5 and hopefully should be 6 soon.
Members who continue to attempt to link to these sites will have their account sprinkled with hot radish and eaten on a slice of French toast.

Update - Fakku is fine because Jacob and I have been implementing some stuff together which does not affect my page rank. Links to Fakku are welcome.

Tokyo · CEO Mirai Inc

Director for Culture Japan. Creator of Mirai Suenaga. Member of the Japanese governments METI CIIC.


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