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Danny Choo

Fri 2009/09/18 16:04 JST

Danny's career highlights



Who is Danny Choo and what does he do?

Born in the UK to Chinese Malaysian parents and currently based in Tokyo, Danny Choo is the producer of the Culture Japan brand which shares Japanese culture through a series of terrestrial TV shows, characters, products and events.

Danny has been recognized for his work by the Japanese government and was appointed as a member of their Creative Industries Internationalization Committee.

Danny directs and presents on the TV shows Culture Japan and Japan Mode which are broadcast weekly on TV channels domestic in Japan and internationally.

Danny is also the creator and producer of Mirai Suenaga - the mascot character for Culture Japan who has made appearances in Japanese games, anime and has collaborated with companies such as Air Asia, Touch ‘n Go, Kinokuniya, Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, Ascii Media Works, King Records, Nitroplus and more.

Career and clients

Previously Engineer for Japan Airlines, Website Manager at Amazon, Product Manager at Microsoft, Danny also remains in the IT field as CEO of Mirai Inc which develops web platforms and solutions. Clientele Includes Disney, Columbia Music, Konami, Production IG, Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, King Records, Kadokawa, Kotobukiya, Ascii Media Works, Nitroplus and Sega.

On stage

Danny speaks at conferences and universities worldwide on the subject of Japanese Pop Culture and is the host for two of the worlds largest anime events Anime Expo and Anime Festival Asia.

Danny’s stage work includes speaking for the advertising agency Dentsu at the Cannes Advertising Festival and MC for the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku concert Mikunopolis in Los Angeles.

Danny's spoken languages are English, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean.

Find out more

Folks who are interested in learning more can read about how he started to self-learn Japanese and how he ended up in Japan by reading his How Discovering Japan Changed My Life post which covers the following topics.

  • How he discovered Japanese Culture
  • How he started to self-study Japanese
  • How he started to earn myself money
  • Setting his first destination in life - living and working in Japan
  • How and where he met his wife
  • How he made it to Japan
  • How he began my career in Japan
  • Why being comfortable is dangerous
  • Life at Amazon Japan as Website Manager
  • How he started to make money online
  • How dannychoo.com started to gain readership
  • How he started a side business
  • Why he left Microsoft to start up his own company
  • Living with illness
  • What his company "Mirai" does

The above is written in 3rd person as press folks keep asking for something to copy and paste ^^;
Everything below is back to normal written in 1st person ^o^


Government Work

In 2013, the Japanese government appointed me as a member of their Creative Industries Internationalization Committee (CIIC) where I gather with the top folks from companies such as Bandai Namco Games, Sony Music Entertainment, Horipro, Kodansha, Isetan, Mitsui Fudousan, Tokyo Broadcasting System and others to decide what measures should be taken to help the proliferation of Japanese content around the world. The full member list is up at the METI website.

It's an honor that the Japanese government has recognised my work to share Japanese culture with the world which started off as a hobby but turned out to be a business.

I have been working with the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for a few years now and in 2012, I was also appointed as Creative Director for the Mazer Project in 2012.

To my left in this photo is Yukio Edano - the Chief Cabinet Secretary. Some of you may recognise him wearing the blue jacket giving statements during the 2011 03 Earthquake.


Sharing Japan through photos

I love Japan and I know what its like to be on the outside which is one of the reasons why I will always continue to share photos of of my daily life in Japan with those who dont live here.

I try to document as many of my photos as possible with information on visiting or living in Japan.
If you are visiting Japan then check out the Places to visit in Japan photo category, if you are going to or have just moved to Japan then check out the Living in Japan Guide photo category or if you want to learn more about Japanese culture then check out the Japanese Culture photo category.

Sharing life through articles

I was bullied at school, been around for 4 decades, lived in 3 different countries, worked in corporate life and started up a company. I share my experiences and discoveries in the career category listed up below.


Character Development - Mirai Suenaga

I produce a mascot character for our site called Mirai Suenaga and since she was born in 2007, I’ve been working on growing her brand worldwide. Mirai has made appearances in Japanese games, anime and has even become a mascot on Malaysia’s electronic payment system cards called Touch n Go.
Mirai has also had figures made of her such as figma and Nendoroid with more to come.


Mirai has made appearances in the Starchild anime Mayo Chiki and the Kadokawa anime Twin Angel. Find out more about Mirai and her collaborations on her page.


Mirai has a fair following around the world and here is just some of the cosplayers who support Mirai - more can be found on her cosplay page.


Mirai has also been illustrated by many popular illustrators who participate in the Japanese pop culture field. Many of these illustrations are used on the products that we produce. Wallpapers that include these illustrations can be found here.


Product Development - Moekana & Moekanji

I wanted to make Japanese language learning more fun and thought that it would be a good idea to do so by fusing it with Japanese Moe culture.
The result was a deck of 50 cards that taught hiragana called Moekana which was released in April 2012.

Moekana became a hit over night - the first print run sold out during the pre-order period and became the second best selling anime product on Amazon Japan. Even though Moekana was developed for foreigners to learn Japanese, Japanese folks also bought the product for their kids too!

We soon followed up with the launch of a booster pack and in June 2013, we launched Moekanji - a deck of 80 cards which teach first grade kanji.


Product Development - Smart Doll

Japanese doll culture is just too awesome for words! So awesome that I decided to develop my own line of dolls - which then turned into robots which then turned into interactive companions which let you know when you get new mail, Facebook and Twitter notifications. Read more about Smart Doll.


TV Production - Culture Japan

I direct, produce and present on a TV show called Culture Japan which covers Japanese Pop and Traditional culture.
The show is broadcast on Tokyo MX TV in Japan and across the world on various cable, terrestrial and online networks including Animax Asia, Mnet in America and Crunchyroll.

While Culture Japan is targeted at folks outside of Japan, the national broadcast in Japan became particularly popular in its second season often trending on Twitter after each episode.


TV Production - Japan Mode

I also produce and Co-Direct a TV show called Japan Mode which focuses on Japanese lifestyle. Japan Mode is broadcast on FOX's Star World channel across Asia and is sponsored by Panasonic and Toyota.

Apart from Culture Japan and Japan Mode, I also have a TV show broadcast in the mornings on Japanese TV (Tokyo MX TV) called Check Time which focuses on business related to Japanese Pop Culture.


Anime Production - Mirai Millennium

I'm currently in the midst of producing the original story for Mirai Suenaga called Mirai Millennium.
The scenario is written by a very well known Japanese anime screenwriter who has brought us many historic titles - but I cant announce until contracts have been signed ><

The scenario is just about complete and now I need to work on the concept artwork.


Web Production - Mirai Gaia

I've been developing websites for most of my career starting at Japan Airlines moving on to the scientific journal Nature, Amazon and Microsoft. After I left Microsoft, I created a web platform that would not only cater for my own needs but for the needs of my clients too - the platform name is Mirai Gaia.

We currently have two versions of Mirai Gaia - the old one runs on PHP and the new one on Ruby On Rails.


This photo taken with the Konami team who use Mirai Gaia for their Love Plus website - yes you can do the Konami code on the top page!

For some of my clients, we also maintain their social media networks like Facebook and Twitter too. My clients are mostly in the anime industry and include Production IG, King Records, Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, Kadokawa, Ascii Media Works, Yuzu Soft, SEGA and more.

Below is a list of some sites that run on Mirai Gaia.


Event Production - Culture Japan Night

I host an event worldwide called Culture Japan Night (also known as CJ Night) which brings together folks who share a passion for Japanese Pop Culture. Because we all share the same interest, its easy for us to make new comrades at the event and grow our network. Culture Japan Night is *the* place to be to build your network in the anime/otaku industry.

Many folks from the Industry have attend and up until now including Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, Volks, Obitsu, AmiAmi, Hobby Search, J-List, Google Japan, Amazon Japan, Microsoft Japan, Sony, Bushiroad, Ascii Media Works and more.

Folks who attend CJ Night can expect to see and/or participate in cosplay, doll and figure displays, meet industry and like minded folks to seek friendship, collaborations or opportunities - but I only provide the venue and means - the rest is up to you!


In August 2013, we rolled out something on a larger scale called Culture Japan Convention which was attended by 7500 people.


Event Production - Mirai Kopitiam

We participate in events around the world to not only meet readers, showcase or brand Mirai Suenaga, but also to flog our Mirai wares too ^^;


Itasha Production

"Itasha" is a Japanese word that refers to cars which have been designed and wrapped in huge sheets of anime girlies. I love this culture and want folks around the world to be able to enjoy it which is why my team and I have been producing these cars and displaying them at events around the world.


Publication Production

Together with Kotobukiya, I produced 3 books called "OTACOOL" which highlight profiles of selected anime fans across the world.
We are currently working on a new book called "The Worldwide Otaku Report" which I'm publishing with Ascii Media Works - its running waaay behind schedule but promise to release it this year! Its about 90% complete.


Emcee and Speaking Appointments

I'm regularly invited to speak at various conferences around the world. Previous appointments have included speaking for advertising agency Dentsu at the Cannes Advertising Festival, Trend Day in Germany, Imprint Culture Lab in Los Angeles, Thailand Game Show, Promax DBA Asia in Singapore and more.

I also emcee for various stage events and broadcasts in English and Japanese. I have previously looked after many Japanese voice actresses such as Chiwa Saito, Miyuki Sawashiro, Hanazawa Kana and more.
Artists that I've looked after include LiSA, May'n, FLOW, Angela and Sphere at Hatsune Miku's Mikunopolis in Los Angeles concert.

I am also host for two of the worlds biggest anime events Anime Festival Asia and Anime Expo. I also facilitate guest management and logistics for these two events.


University Lectures

I occasionally give lectures at universities in Japan and abroad on the subject of career development.
So far I have lectured at Nihon University, Keio University, London University (SOAS), Digital Hollywood University and Nagaoka Institute of Design.


Tokyo Dance Trooper

I was brought up on Star Wars and have always wanted to be a Stormtrooper since I was a kid - but had to wait until I was an adult to become one ^^;
Got some armor and customized it a wee bit and decided that it was a waste to just hang it up in the wardrobe - so I decided that I would attempt to "dance" in it ^^;





My work and the Culture Japan brand is regularly featured on news networks and TV shows around the world which include CNN, BBC, NHK, KTLA, 8TV, LCI, Channel NewsAsia, Japan Bravo and more.


Anime and Game Figurines

I've been an avid admirer of anime and game figurines and have a small collection. Once upon a time I used to get trolled for buying them - now I get trolled for not buying them because my clients give them to me ^^;
I do pick up a few when I'm around Akihabara though to support the retail stores.

Some folks think that these are perverted statues but I ask you - what is the different between these sculptures and the stark naked ones that can be found in public around Europe?

Anyway, if you too enjoy figurines then you can find a load of photos that I've posted up in the Figure photo category.


Camera Equipment

I first started taking photos using a Canon IXY compact camera then moved on to Canon Kiss DSLR.
Following the Kiss, I switched to Panasonic and used a few generations of their GF series. The noise level at the time was a bit too high for the low ISO settings I was using so eventually made a third jump to Sony's NEX series which has excellent low light capabilities.

I used Nikon for a while and during that time was asked to be in a commercial for them.



This is my workspace which I'm constantly trying to optimise to enable me to do things more efficiently. I document that process in the Desk Diary series.

My workspace seems to be a topic that the media likes to talk about and it has been featured in both of Japan's Mac magazines Mac Fan and Mac People.


Spoken Languages

My spoken languages are (in order of proficiency) English, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin and Korean although my Korean reading ability is much better than my Mandarin.

Currently my Japanese seems to be fluent enough to be the only foreigner working for the Japanese government on the Creative Industries Internationalization Committee.

I'm also currently learning Malay and Bahasa Indonesia but progress is slow ><



My work involves a lot of travel - I spend nearly half a year away from my home in Tokyo to attend conferences and anime/Japan related events. The Travel photo category contains photos of my trips - but is not updated as regular as I'd like it to be ><



I've been gaming since the Commodore 64 years where we loaded games via a cassette tape that took over 10 mins!
I then discovered Japan through the Sega Megadrive in an era where I became to own a Super Famicom and PC Engine Duo.

These days my line of work involves not only anime but games too so I'm required to keep in the loop with the latest and greatest by spending some time playing.
My latest games are listed in this post.


More about my background

Was born and raised in the East end of London - this photo taken in Victoria Park Hackney while I was still living with both parents. Parents are both Malaysian Chinese.

Later on in life during my early years, times were tough for my parents who both worked hard day n night. As they were both busy trying to make ends meet, they decided to put me in various foster homes which I lived in for most of my childhood. In some of the homes, I wasn't treated incredibly well but didn't say anything to my parents as I knew they were having their own financial and other problems. I ended up living with a white, black and then with an Indian family for what seemed like an eternity.

As luck would have it, one of the foster homes had guardians who would take my clothes and consider it theirs while their kids would constantly bully me - was easy to pick on the boy who had no parents. I was made to feel as unwelcome as possible in their house.
I remember a particular evening where we came back to the house to discover the front door open. We walked in to discover that the place was a mess - burglars had got in. I was scared and started to cry. The eldest child of my foster family shouted at me:-
"What are you crying for?! This isn't even your house!"

Other memorable moments in one of the homes was when I was strangled until I had red patches around my eyes. When asked the next day at school, all I could think of was saying that I put cups on my eyes ^^;

Another unforgettable time was when I was beaten with car racing tracks - a bit like these ones but were made of rubber with an orange strip down the middle. Was left with lovely bright red marks all over. Remember looking in the mirror after the beating session and still remember exactly what I looked like back then down to the green jumper that I was wearing.

The only thing I had in life back then were the occasional weekends with my parents. Dad would come to pick me up for the weekend and I would either stay with him or he would drop me off at mums. But at times he was just swamped with work and couldn't make it. The phone would ring and my foster parents would pick up and hand me the phone.
After hanging up I would sit crying on the stairs looking out at the small window above the door. I couldn't even go out to cry because I wasn't allowed out on my own apart from going to school. All I could do was go back to my room which was a small stock room with a bed. I would have dreams of my only friend Buck Rogers coming to visit me with his trusty robot Twiggy.

Mum and dad were paying my foster parents to house and feed me and not to particularly care about how well or bad I done at school. My childhood was school > go home > eat > occasionally watch TV > go to room > repeat.

The TV was my first encounter with Japanese anime where I watched Gatchaman (called G-Force in the UK). I didn't particularly know it was Japanese - not that it was important at the time anyway.


This photo was taken during the time I was staying at one of the foster homes. Didn't have much fun in school either. Was constantly bullied and most of my memories were of being dragged through gravel, gang beaten up, having my possessions burned, football constantly aimed at my face, and having the big guy in the school playground say to me "If I smash your head with this bat and kill you then I would go to jail. But it would be worth it." I remember having to ask the same person to punch me so that I could be part of his posse.

Memories attached to emotion are easy to remember as the brain releases a chemical which helps the memory to be stored for longer. This is why we easily remember moments of joy, sadness or embarrassment.
If you think back to your childhood, many of your memories with either be a mix of these emotions. I have no memories of happiness during my childhood apart from one of when my parents still lived together. It was Christmas and we were sitting in front of the Christmas tree in the living room back in Blurton Road Hackney.

Used to be quite depressed when I thought about my childhood until I started to think about what some other kids go through as a child - I had it easy compared to them.


Completely unmotivated throughout my school term, I ended up taking subjects because of what others in class took - I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do in life. With no destination in life or passion for the subjects that I studied, I didn't do well in school at all with average grades of D or E. Now you know why my English grammar is terrible ^^;


Cant remember at which point in life but I started to live with my parents again - with dad for a couple of years and then with mum until I moved out. This photo taken with mum last year. I want to be able to buy her a house somewhere so that she doesn't have to live in that council flat anymore. Love her to bits but she's as stubborn is as stubborn does and wants her own place and not one where I pay the rent for her ^^;

Don't have the cash quite yet after I nearly went bankrupt in 2009 but have been able to recover a wee bit of late. Getting a place for mum now would pretty much use up all of our savings and also mean that I would not have enough cash flow to continue to run the company which is not a good thing.


This is mums place in Hackney. Lived here until I moved out to live with wifey. Was veeeeeeeeery depressing living here. The neighbors would play thumping reggae music all day and night. The floor boards literally shook.

Mum got mugged in Hackney 3 times - once she was left unconscious after somebody hit her head. After getting a call, I ran to the hospital to find her with dried blood down her face and bruises on her arm where she tried to hold onto her handbag (continue reading the rest)


Employment Highlights

There are many resume templates that you can download from the Internets but I thought I'd share a tried and tested resume format that got me jobs at companies like Amazon and Microsoft and interview/job offers from Google and Apple - which I turned down to go to Microsoft ^^;
Anyway, the word file for the my CV is here - feel free to use it. Read more about my resume format.

Mirai Inc : April 2007 - Present (Tokyo) Representative Director

Company Mission

  • To share Japanese culture with the world through producing web, TV, products and events.

Microsoft : April 2006 - March 2007 (Tokyo) CGM Product Manager (live.com)

Responsibilities in this role included:
  • Feature planning, service evaluation, development, implementation and execution of online services.

Amazon.com (JOYO) Nov 2004 - Apr 2005 (Tokyo/Beijing) Sr Manager, China Website Development (joyo.com)

  • Responsible for the management and recruitment of software development, web development and catalog systems/operations in China.
Achievements in this role included:

  • Introduced Amazon style guidelines - this meant that we were able to reduce the number of hours spent on creatives by using guidelines that have been proven to be effective at increasing conversion.
  • Implemented SEO techniques to joyo.com to increase the number of pages indexed by search engines and to also increase result rankings.

Amazon (Alexa) : March 2004 - Nov 2004 (Seattle) Sr Manager, Global ASIN Metrics (amazon.com)

  • Responsible for the management of software development teams to develop and deliver ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number - a unique identifier for our products) metrics systems. The types of systems we developed were;
    • Competitive monitoring systems which were critical for Amazons ability to understand competitor pricing trends and maintain the lowest prices for our customers.
    • Selection analysis systems. Amazons business owners can make improved critical business decisions through understanding their categories by using our systems.
    • ASIN metrics systems. These systems are used by teams like Marketplace, Catalog Operations, and Product Managers. These systems aggregate and perform calculations on an ASIN level which allow these groups to perform at a higher level of efficiency by concentrating on the top XX% which make up XX% of sales.

  • As a senior member of the management team within Global Site Development (GSD), I would make key decisions on project execution / prioritization and the top grading / performance evaluation of GSD subordinates.

  • Give presentations on ideas and project status / initiatives to Amazon employees, to senior vice presidents and to Amazons CEO Jeff Bezos together with his team of direct reports.

  • Work closely with the Alexa team on the CMT project (see below).

  • Developed and deployed the CMT system. CMT is a revolutionary system which....I cant talk too much about.....CMT also allows Amazon to better understand competitor selection.
  • Developed and launched the Selection Tool. Selection Tool gives our business owners a greater understanding of their products by presenting to them detailed information aggregated from various internal systems API's.

Amazon Japan : Aug 2001 - Mar 2004 (Tokyo) Sr Website Manager (amazon.jp)

  • Responsible for the production team of 30 heads. The team comprised of Web Development, Quality Assurance, Design, Browse Development, Content Build and Deployment, Cross Site Editorial, Imaging, Program Management and Catalog Operations.
  • I was responsible for providing the optimum organizational structure, workloads, direction, hiring, firing, performance evaluation, and determined compensation / career advancement.
  • Lead development teams remotely across the globe to coordinate and deploy website features.
  • Responsible as a member of the senior management team in Japan to make critical decisions regarding company direction. Also was a member on interview loops for key members of staff including directors.
  • As a member of the senior management team, I would participate in top grading, promotion and organizational decisions.
  • Travel to each of our locales to meet with the other country website managers to discuss, plan and decide resource allocation, technological constraints / advancements that influence the following quarter's website initiatives.
  • Worked with and have good working knowledge of all departments across all locales in Amazon including Vendor Management, Buying, Merchandising, Finance, Legal, Retail, Marketing, Web Services, Public Relations, Human Resources, Supply Chain / Operations, IT.
  • Responsible for onboard orientation for new key hires and constant education of website features, technology and processes for the business owners.
  • Present technology updates and QA sessions at the company all-hands each quarter.
  • Worked closely with Customer Service to understand the nature and cause of customer contact - allowing my team to keep their assigned contacts to a minimum.
  • Maintained excellent Service Level Agreements.
  • Maintained high morale and optimal working conditions for my team members.

  • Delivered the following major incremental features to the site.
    • Incremental product lines include: Video Games, Software, Gift, Marketplace, Consumer Electronics and Home&Kitchen.
    • Features include: My Store, Vodafone, Listmania, Wishlist, Cash On Delivery.

  • Implementation of Search Engine Optimization changes to all the Amazon retail sites resulting in incremental revenues of millions of US dollars.

  • Introduced procedures such as the Quarterly Planning Process which enabled the business to prioritize the most important feature rollout and projects - allowing my team to execute and deliver with minimal resources whilst minimizing the need to work overtime.

  • Executed new and innovative website features which have resulted in incremental revenues of millions of Japanese yen.

  • Implemented a vast array of user interface and usability changes to not only improve our customer's online shopping experience but also to increase conversion.

  • Delivered Amazon.co.jp's first syndicated store for Virgin Mega Japan.

  • Through the introduction of technology, improvement processes and top grading, I kept headcount flat throughout the 3 years as website manager whilst continuing to deliver 100% of the projects and initiatives that were required for Amazon.co.jp to meet each quarter's financial targets.

  • Gained excellent working knowledge of Amazons proprietary database, catalog, content / software deployment systems and data processes.

  • Also gained excellent working knowledge of our online usability tests - this refers to the tests that we implement when launching incremental features online to a certain percent of users to establish how colors, element / widget positioning, number of clicks involved etc affect customer behavior and conversion.

  • Gained excellent working knowledge and concepts of email marketing, content management and online promotional management systems.

Nature : Jul 1999 - Apr 2001 (Tokyo) Web Marketing Executive (nature.com)

  • Marketing of Nature and 12 sister journals in South East Asia (Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore).
  • Coordinate with outsourced designers and printers to ensure that Nature's high standard and policies were adhered to.
  • Organization of the print run schedule coordinating with translators, designers and printers.
  • Execution and planning of numerous marketing projects and promotions by electronic and conventional means.
  • Development and maintenance of Nature's regional sites (English, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Korean).
  • Development of online subscription system.
  • Budget allocation and expenditure.
  • Develop community websites and Gateways.
  • Management of outsourcing (schedule and compensation).
  • Organization and management of conferences (sponsors, display material, time tables)
  • Negotiating with advertising clients for sponsored placements in print and online.
  • Design of advertisements, mailings, posters, subscription forms using Illustrator and Photoshop. Design and creation of web graphics, logos, and interfaces.
  • Print buying.
  • Communicate with our offices in London and New York regarding print buying, print run, marketing issues.

  • Drove the concept, creation and deployment of Nature's Korean language site (which accounted for 90% of all subscription orders from Korea).
  • Improved the delivery system of journals to Korea speeding up delivery time of up to 72 hours and reducing costs.
  • Developed from concept to deployment "NWEB" - a member program whereby subscribers earn points depending on the price and length of their subscription. Points can redeem products such as free online access, free limited subscriptions to another journals and Nature merchandise.
  • Launched Nature Immunology in Japan and Korea and drove circulation to be the highest worldwide.
  • Launched Nature Genetics, Nature Molecular Cell Biology and Nature Neuroscience.
  • Developed metrics systems to analyze subscription data by a wide variety of variables - essential for understanding the effectiveness of various channels of subscriptions.

Japan Airlines : Jul 1998 - Jun 1999 (London) Computer Engineer (jal.com)

  • Software/hardware support and maintenance of Japan Airlines reservation systems throughout Europe.
  • Maintenance and configuration of our client's computer systems and networks. Clients included NHK, NTT Data, Mitsui Kaijyou and Marubeni.

Mai Waifu

This is my wife who I met back in London when we were working in a Japanese restaurant - we've been together ever since.

Many folks seem surprised that I'm married and yet enjoy anime culture as an adult.
I'm guessing that these folks consider the views of others too seriously and end up giving up on their childhood passions.

Remember that if you start listening to others telling you what you should or should not be doing - it will become a habit and you will end up living the life of others until the day you die.

There was a research where nurses interviewed people on their deathbeds who spoke about their regrets in life. The thing that they regretted most was that they lived the life of others instead of living a life for themselves.

Please dont let the last thing you say before you die "I regret living the life of others instead of living a life for myself."

Wikipedia (Wiki) Type References

Not updated for a very long time ><

Speaking appointments

Radio, TV, Commercials, Movie


Online publications

Contact and Connect

I get quite a bit of spam that gets through the filters and another 1653 mails a day asking me everything from "can you buy me x" to "could you translate this for me."
I would love to answer all mails but if I did so then all I would be doing is answering mails all my life - and life is too short too do that. Please don't hate me if I cant reply ;-)
I tend to skip the long mails due to lack of time - short mails are usually read. If you don't get an answer, please resend mail again after 2 weeks. If I manage to make a clone of myself I promise to read and reply to all mails ;-)
Please contact me through my FaceBook or mail which is [support at mirai dot fm]

Folks who are interested may want to hook up on the following communities which I participate in - feel free to add or follow.


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