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Gun Sword

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2005/11/07 05:28 JST In Anime
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#v#flv_gunsword.jpg#v#Todays Anime in the iPod is Gun Sword now showing on TV Tokyo at 1.30 in the morning every Monday.
Van (who looks a lot like Spike from Cowbow Bebop) is on the lookout for some clawed dude who killed Vans lady. Van bumps into Wendy who is looking for her brother who has been kidnapped by the clawed dude in question. To make everything even more interesting, Van owns a mecha which usually waits in space until summoned upon where it would launch down to the earths surface ready to kick some other mechas booty.

The character design and animation is incredibly like Cowboy Bebop but I haven't been able to find any info relating the staff behind these two great series together.
Gun Sword is a cross between Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, with a western flavor and sprinkle of Moe and I highly recommend that you try to get hold of it.

Above: Wendy - You have to see her in action to appreciate how cute she is!
Above: More Wendy
Above: This is the main character Van. He comes across and a tall lanky guy who seems to be sleepy all the time.
Above: And just like Spike from Bebop, you will see Van also performing lots of spinning kicks and what have you.


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