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Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2005/11/02 14:59 JST In Anime
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Just like Pasokon Paradise Tech Gian is another Eroge magazine packed with news, screenshots, ranking charts and the usual. Every edition usually comes with a DVD or two packed with demo's of the up n coming games. There are also things like wallpapers, screen savers and what have you.
My wife was well against me doing adult type affiliates but after she saw the money rolling in her tone changed...."go for it!" (but still gives me evil looks when I go through the mags.)
OK, I seem to always have excuses when reviewing an Eroge mag...Lets move on. Tech Gian comes out before all the other Eroge mags (well the last one did anyway) on around the 25th, and costs 1150 yen - the high cost to cover the price of the DVD's I suppose.
The cover art of Tech Gian is done by Yoshimune Nishiki and many people pick up a copy just for the cover - the girls are rather cute.

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