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Iron Man Costume

Mon 2009/08/10 07:36 JST

A few years ago, I got some Vader armor from a company called "Timeless Movie Props."
I wasn't happy with the quality of the armor and proceeded to abuse the responsibility I had of running a blog read by a large audience.
I used my search engine optimization knowledge and arranged for my post to come up as the first result when one searched for "Timeless Movie Props" where upon a user would discover my post and read my rant.

That was about two years ago and when I think about what I did, it makes me cringe and I feel ashamed of what I did. It didn't do John any good (the boss of TMP) and it didn't do me any good as I probably lost readers who thought "what a dick head" when they read my trolling post.

It took me a while to come to my senses and realize that I was wrong. I contacted John to apologize and he found it in his heart to forgive me.

The take away from this - ranting and trolling in public is good for nobody and is especially bad for the ranter.
As a hiring manager at Amazon, I always checked out the person who I was about to interview online. The toughest part about making a hiring decision is that I cant spend all week with the candidate before deciding to hire them or not - I'm only given an hour or so by HR.

So I check out what the candidate has been doing online to help with the decision. While none of my candidates had been doing anything online to raise any red flags, I don't think I or any of the other hiring managers would have thought highly of candidates who had been bashing others or ranting on their blogs or other community sites.

This is just an example of how bashing others can indirectly affect ones career in life but thats not the point. The point is that ranting/bashing others is not nice. Life is short and we should spend it helping others and being nice.

The repercussions of what may seem trivial like bashing others on ones blog are unseen at first but the ranter starts to come to his or her senses when they take a look at where they are in life.

Having said all that, being on the end of public bashing can in some cases be free publicity as I have mentioned before - at the total expense of the ranter...

Anyway, I wanted to bring all that up because now that John and I are buddies, I would like to take a look at something that he sent over to me the other day - some gorgeous Iron Man armor photos.

Helmet is made of fiberglass and is one piece.

The chest and back armor is solid reinforced fiberglass which locks together with bolts and Velcro.

The hands are ABS vacuum formed plastic.

And hes got a MK II too.

Just has to be the best Iron Man replica out there.

These last few photos are of the 3rd generation armor that John is building which will be the one that you wear should you decide to buy.

And if you do decide to buy or want more info then contact John at [j-cath-k at online.no]

Tokyo Dance Iron Man in 2009?!
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