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Japan Earthquake

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2011/03/11 15:45 JST In Japan
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Updated with images from Kyung Lah at CNN.

A huge earthquake hit Japan this afternoon. I've got a headache thinking about the safety of my friends. To be honest I would rather be back in Japan at a time like this - my own safety is the last thing on my mind.

Latest reports is that it was a Magnitude 8.9. A tsunami came along after and it looks like Sendai is for the most part underwater. I'll update you with any info I have from comrades back in Japan but for now you can watch a clean stream live on NHK at

Update: TBS have a live stream at

As I write this, you can see the Tsunami moving across the land eating up everything in its way, there are fires and cars trying to escape from the wave. I just cant believe what I'm seeing. All I can do is share as much info as I can.

Live TV : Ustream

Somebody buying eroge during the aftershocks.


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