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Hong Kong Anime Convention

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2009/08/02 15:31 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Photos taken by Avan at the anime convention Ani Com which started this weekend and runs through to Tuesday. A load more pics to be seen at his photobucket.

Particularly impressed with this "Great Zeong" - one of the best mods I've seen. The Wing Gundam looks great too.

Original text from Avan below.

Gone to ACGHK2009 yesterday,
It held every year, this is 11st of ACGHK in 2009 and I just visit as usual.
There are some cosplayers pics for sharing~
Yoko Cosplayer I take a lots
Other cosplayer:
Image Girl - promoter / image for the games / comics / Amines etc...
during the show, you not only see the cosplayers, image girls, otaku stuffs,
but also you can see the BAN DAI KOGM
TVB (HK TV broadcast) introducing the JAnimes which will can be watching on TV
Some HK articles:
HK Cosplayer -
for more pic, please visit the link at the below:
thanks for reading


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