Tokyo Tyre Repair

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2009/07/29 16:49 JST In Living in Japan Guide
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Taken at about 17:30 in the evening. We headed out on bicycle to explore uncharted areas. Here is a bicycle shop where folks are pumping free air into their wheels. Folks who got a punk can get their tyre's repaired for 840 yen.

Sorry for the lack of updates today - running on fumes under water. Will come up for air tomorrow and promise to announce the 1070 USD winners, Dollfie related Giveaway and 3rd Mascot character illustration finals tomorrow.

Spent most of today in meetings and moving over to the cloud server. As we are on the cloud, we were able to clone the while server in a matter of minutes and spawn another instance - something that would have taken over half a day with physical servers.
Is response time for faster or slower for you or no change?

Also swamped with other stuff including the Max Factory figma version of this...

This 3D work is by Ionized.
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