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Anime Pillow

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2009/07/28 14:46 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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A load of great rooms being posted at the Kotobukiya official Otacool site and thought i'd pick up this one because I just love all the dakimakura and 2D girlies all over the gaff!
More about Fumoffu below.

Here's my room redone.
Name: Tony Gilmour
Age: 34
How many years Otaku: 9
Nationality: American
Outline of collection: Let's see... about 30 dakimakuras, about 200 figures (alot of gashapon), tons of anime, games, magazines and manga.
How much collection cost: Not sure! Probably around fifteen or twenty grand.
Favorite Item: Hmm, well, if I could only save one item it would be my Alter ChuXChu vampire figure - Chua Churam.
Website Address: - for now

See the rest of the photos of Fumoffu's room at and his Flickr link above,
Congrats are also due because Fumoffu's room made the cover - just got the final design back from Kotobukiya which I posted on Did your room make the cover?

And I just noticed - we now have 103 rooms that you can check out at the Otacool site ^o^/

And as for these Mirai Dakimakura goodies - soon!


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