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Japanese Cosplay

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2005/10/19 15:15 JST In Anime
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And there is me thinking that my Stormtrooper armor was cool - get a load of these! Cosplay is a Japanese word born from COStume and PLAY where Anime (in general) lovers dress up as their fave character and then walk up and down having their photos taken.
I have seen costumes of Gundam characters but not the actual Gundams themselves! - These look cool (but much more uncomfortable than Stormtrooper armor!
If you are in Tokyo and want to join in the fun, you can get yourself along to Harajuku on the Yamanote line on a Sunday where you will see many bods dressed up near the park entrance. You can also try Akihabara on a Sunday too. Alternatively you can get yourself along to one of the many Cosplay events held throughout the year. There pics were taken at the Wonder Festival (which is a Toys n figures show held twice a year by Kaiyodo) - usually held at Tokyo Big Site, the Cosplayers provide some entertainment as you line up with the 50 million people waiting infront of you. I missed the last one but my camera, glass cutter and wrench will be ready for the next one in coming February... Asuka Shin, Impulse Gundam and Hawk Lunamaria.Impulse GundamZak and Hawk Lunamaria.More Zak and Hawk Lunamaria.
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