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Vanguard Princess

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2009/07/06 01:47 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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I find Vanguard Princess much more fun to play than Street Fighter and I think its because of all the cute moesome characters in it - but not only that, its very playable and entertaining too!

Is available for download from Vector - click the blue button. And its free!
I ran it on Parallels and it worked completely fine - I just need to dig out my PS3 controller to USB attachment. You can still play using the keyboard though.
Check out the sample game play videos below. I only watched for a few seconds before I downloaded ^^;

You can see the control methods here and introductions of each character at Seizon kakunin.

Via Kansaitei.

Original text from achraf1989 below.

so took a look around and i'm pretty sure nobody posted this yet so i'm happy to share with you Vanguard Princess a great moe 2D fighter game and you know what makes it even more great it's free

get it here



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