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Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2009/07/03 08:26 JST In Figures
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Update - I've asked Kotobukiya to give you goodies. Will update you soon.

Kotobukiya liked the photos of the rooms that you submitted so much that they want to publish a book filled with your photos called Otacool!

-Book is due out in October-ish in Japan and Kotobukiya are looking at distribution channels to get it to folks overseas.
-Will feature rooms of dannychoo.com readers.
-Kotobukiya will need your consent to use your photos.
-We need high res photos. If you do not want your room in the book then don't submit the photo when I open submissions at figure.fm - will be sometime next week. We already have your current photos but they are not high res which mean you need to resubmit them if you want to be in the book. Mirai Gaia keeps the original sized image.
-Only folks who have a figure.fm account can participate. The figure.fm member database is a snapshot taken from the dannychoo.com database a month ago.
-Kotobukiya cant pay money for use of your photo and for the record I'm not getting money from sales of the book either. Kotobukiya and I do have a separate consulting contract where I help them with web strategies.
-The book will have a few pages dedicated to my room and looks like they are trying to get hold of Shokotan or Hirano Aya to do something with me - not confirmed yet.
-Will also have a load of Mirai and Haruka chan dotted about the book ^^;
-When I open submissions, folks who would like a photo of their room published in Otacool should submit a high res photo at figure.fm and tag it "otacool".
Kotobukiya will choose the best rooms and publish the photo in the book.
-There will be a few questions like "how long have you been collecting X" and "How much is your X collection" etc
-Unfortunately Kotobukiya cant give out copies to folks who have pics of their room published - was not my decision - sorry!
-However, the book will be on sale across Japan and you can expect your room to be profiled to folks across Japan and highlight your website. How often is is that you have a photo of your room and your profile/website published in a book by an established company?
-When you post stuff at figure.fm from now on, you may want to post in Japanese too - use the language switches on the post edit page to add Japanese.

Photo below shows you a mock up of the pages - data is only a mock and will not actually be used without permission.

For now, I'm calling out to the 10 folks who won the 20090326 Giveaway as Kotobukiya want to use photos of your room in promotion materials at conferences in the US and at the Wonder Festival. And your room will be on the cover.

If you are one of the 10 winners and don't mind photos of your room being used in huge posters profiled to hundreds of thousands, then please get along to Figure.fm and upload high res images of your room. Use the multi image upload feature to upload different angles of your room.
Tag your upload "otacool." Kotobukiya will take whats available on Monday JST - if your photo is not there then you wont make the cut.

Expect more collaborations with the figure makes which involve dannychoo.com members!

And (and?) There will be another giveaway at the beginning of next week - I initially thought it was going to be only 1000 USD but its more - 1070 USD worth! And only for *current* figure.fm members. Remember that the figure.fm database is a snapshot of the dannychoo.com member database taken a while ago. Try logging in with your DC account.

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