11 Year Old College Graduate

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2009/06/07 12:59 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Japanese sites like Itai News and Inside Games have picked up on the story of the 11 year old graduate focusing on:-

"I feel it's a waste of time playing video games because it's not helping humanity in any way," says the 11-year-old, who wants to use his knowledge to change the world.

And what do folks at 2ch have to say about this?

-What does an 11 year old know?
-Life itself is a waste of time
-Feel sorry for the poor kid who doesn't know how to relax/recreate at that young age.
-Apologize to the pro gamers
-Its up to people what they do with their time. Whether its a waste depends on how you look at it.
-Its humanities right to waste time
-Agree - console games are a waste of time but Chess is fine.
-Just as the kid says - games are a waste of time.
-Most humans lives are a waste of time - apart from some geniuses.
-What is that virgin talking about?
-Healthcare is also a waste of time
-Games are good for relieving stress
-He most certainly looks down on the folks around him
-Tell him about eroge
-Life is CLANNAD
-I bet he was a FF11 heavy user
-He looks like the type to play with Wikipedia when hes got free time.

Regarding the young chaps comment - if thats his opinion then thats fine but I personally feel that gaming recreation is fun in moderate doses and depending on the genre of the game, they can be educational too. I picked up a ton of Japanese playing imported games.
Come to think of it however, life is kinda like a game where you only get one life - a beginning and an end.

I grew up playing games in the following order-ish
Commodore 64 > Sega MegaDrive > Super Nintendo > Nintendo > PC Engine DUO > Mega CD > Game Boy > PS1 > PS2 > PS3 > Wii.
Also played PC games but that was over 10 years ago - stuff like Tomb Raider.
Love games but don't get much time these days to do so ToT.

Wizz Ball on the C64 - used to play it a lot.

One of my first memories on the Megadrive - Streets of Rage.

And Devil Hunter Yoko!

The last portable game I played was probably Mario VS Donkey Kong 2 on the DS

Also played Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the PS3 but died straight away because I hadn't played it for months ^^;

What was the first game console you got or are you more of a PC person?

Update - for those who are wondering about Devil Hunter Yoko - OP below.

Original text from Arein below.

Stumbled upon this article (originally found it on kotaku) and I was really amazed and saddened at the same time.. I know it's not really good to compare yourself to others.

But this kid is graduating from college at THAT age, has a GPA of 4.0 AND has won a couple national martial arts championships.. o_0

PS: No flames please and hi-res image

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