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Japanese Desks

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2009/05/27 14:17 JST In Japan
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Your desk got to the top page of Hatena (just like Your room did last time too) and was then picked up by a load of Japanese blogs - a few of them so far below.
So what do they think about your desks?

-Otaku knows no boundaries between countries
-Too many figures!
-Was surprised by the ero poster on the ceiling with the legs wide open
-Where is all the cup noodles, tissue paper and plastic bottles?
-Looks like Haruhi and Hatsune Miku have become the standard overseas
-If you send figures to cute female otaku overseas, they will be pleased so if you want to get friendly with one then send them figures!
-Hardly any guro otaku
-Whats with all the figures?
-There is a mismatch where eroge figures are displayed next to Macs
-Costs a lot of money. I have a friend who spends 300,000 yen per month on anime DVDs and figures.
-Those hentai's
-Hey look at my room!

Japanese folks started to post pics of their desks too - the first one in this post is cor blimey coolio!
I like this desk below - this is the "after"...

...and this is the "before" ^^;

Larger versions of all of these at Gasoku.


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