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Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2009/05/26 08:16 JST In Dollfie
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I gave Yuki up for adoption so Nanoha is my 4th daughter - she says hello ^o^

Pretty much decided that I would like to adopt Nanoha after looking at Hisagi-sans photos.

But by the time I wanted her she was sold out. Comrades at Japan To Door thought it would be a good idea to sponsor this adoption while getting me to test out their deputy service before I recommended it. I naturally thought it was a good idea too ^^;

Found Nanoha on Yahoo Auction Japan and told Japan To Door the URL of the auction - they done the rest. They bidded for the item and shipped Nanoha to me after she arrived at their warehouse. Apart from the seller being late with the shipping, everything else went smoothly. They were even on Skype to answer my "Where is my daughter?!" questions.

Nanoha had the buyout price set at 45,000 yen which was converted to 486 USD. Japan To Door then added the following fees:-

Japan Domestic Tax/VAT 24.32 USD
Bidding Service Fee 80.96 USD
Japan Domestic Bank Transaction Fee 5 USD
Japan Domestic Shipping Fee 10 USD

The total was then 606.69 USD

If I was to find something to nag about the service then it would be about the UI - there is a floating menu on the Japan To Door site which is rather annoying (it slides around following you) and you need to enter a captcha number just to log on which gets bothersome too.

Apart from the bidding service, they can also get any item from any shop for you - and obviously charge you for it.

Thanks to Japan To Door for the lovely daughter - promise to look after her with TLC.


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