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Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2009/05/20 00:31 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Instant hijack from meronpan.
The Figma girls do K-ON. The first 40 seconds is the making with the OP from then on. If you know the K-ON OP well then you may want to give this a watch.

Also, hijack point system will be implemented soon where you get goodies depending on the amount of news items I hijack from you - rewards and encourages even more share worthy posts from you - keep em coming! Will announce details soon - as son as I can code the feature which should be soon.

Update - sorry to Ayu-sensei for missing her previous post on the same subject - been out of the office a lot lately ToT.
If I make a mistake like this in the future then hijack points would go to both posters.

Original text from meronpan below.

Looking for stop gap figma animation of the K-ON! OP? Well you're in luck, check out the video below ^_^

Some intro pics and making of pics in the beginning, good stuff starts ~:30. Too bad the creator didn't have real/custom k-on figmas to work with, but still, love the results ^^


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