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Apple Store Ginza

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2009/05/19 11:51 JST In Japan
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A quick note to mention that I will be presenting at the Apple Store in Ginza tomorrow night at 18:00 with Andrew Shuttleworth.
The topic will be about CGM and run to 19:00.

I will be there from 16:45 as I have a separate meeting with Apple and Kotobukiya regarding the Tokyo Figure Show that I'm organizing and need to shoot off for more meetings with Kotobukiya after 19:00 but will be around the event space before 18:00 if you want to meet for chats.

Actually will probably pop into the Volks store which is just across the road from Apple to get some hands for my daughters. If you are coming along then see you there.
Nearest station is Ginza and you can see more of it in the A Day in Tokyo 3 photo article.


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