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Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2009/05/18 21:22 JST In Figures
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Kotobukiya's entrance into the articulated figure scene?
Hoi Hoi San is a partialy painted kit that can be easily put together. Retail price is 3,150 yen and will be out this September.

Know nothing about the series apart from what I just read at ANN.

Plot Summary: The time is the near future. Cockroaches and other household pests have become immune to all forms of insecticides. In response to this crisis, a Japanese company has created small, doll-like insect exterminating robots called Hoi Hoi-san.

A competing company has also released their own version, Combat-san. Because of their adorable appearance, these little robots have become somewhat of a phenomenon and have gained many fans. Late at night, in the home of one such fan, Hoi Hoi-san and Combat-san search for insects to exterminate... but Combat-san is not above trying to exterminate Hoi Hoi-san while she's at it.

If you have not seen it and watch the video below then I think you will end up wanting one like me ^^;

More pics of the Kotobukiya figure kit at Hobby Stock.

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