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K-ON Nendoroid

Wed 2009/05/13 10:28 JST

Those who read the K-ON blog will already know about the K-ON! Nendoroids that were announced. First up will be Yui and Mio! No ETA yet but will get you more juicy details when I get them.
Speaking of juicy details, thought I'd cover some old juice from behind the scenes at GSC and Max Factory...

First up is a tour of the Good Smile Company offices which you can see in the GSC Office Tour photo article. You can see the figure making room and pre production version of figma Saber.

And the video below is a tour of the office.

And the second part below.

And we also get a look at the insides of Max Factory in the Max factory Office Tour photo article.

Some juice on behind the scenes of a previous Figma commercial shoot in the Figma CM photo article.

And how to steal figures from the Good Smile warehouse from right under the noses of the armed guards in the Good Smile Warehouse photo article.

And more behind the scenes of the Good Smile NicoNico broadcast in the Good Smile Company Live Broadcast 5.

I'm supposed to take some of you to the GSC offices but have not got round to planning it - will let you know when things free up a bit. Cant take all of you so will do some sort of competition.

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