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Japanese Toilet Etiquette

Mon 2009/05/11 01:03 JST

Are you fed up of mopping the floor and wiping the walls after you take a pee?
Are you fed up of your dolphin hitting the side of the toilet when you sit down to pee?
If the answer is "holy yes!" then you need to kneel down to pee!

There is good news for those who are currently thinking "But thy knees will hurt from kneeling down!"

A product called Tenshi no Hizamakura (Angels Knee Pillow) will solve you kneeling problems for only 5,800 yen.
As you can see from the diagram below, one either splashes all over the gaff or knocks their dolphin on the side of the toilet. The diagram on the far right shows how pee can be exposed of without fuss.

And this is how its done - by kneeling! Peeing has never been such a fun experience as you can see by the mens expressions.

The different type of Angel Knee Pillows and how you can arrange them. The one joined together is the "economy" version for 4,800 yen.

And this is how your toilet will look like - blessed by an angel.

And regarding the poll - if you pee standing up and splash about then I recommend that you wipe up after - one should not just expect other family members to wipe up after you.

Looks like this is old news but I only stumbled onto it today at Tokyo Times.
Also discovered a toilet otaku on youtube.

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